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The Unavoidable & Destructive Storm Looming Over Our Adventist Horizon, by Nic Samojluk

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I am writing to you at three o’clock in the morning. I woke up with a great foreboding in my mind and could not go back to sleep. I hope you will take the time to read about the reason for my deep concern.

The Destructive Storm Looming Over the Adventist Horizon

I see a storm looming over the Adventist horizon, bigger than Maria, the hurricane that destroyed Puerto Rico; greater than Harvey, the storm that caused extensive damage to the State of Texas; more deadly than the carnage that took the lives of 58 victims in the City of Las Vegas and sent 600 innocent concert goers to the hospital.

The Lack of Full Disclosure in Our Adventist Evangelism

When I started the training required for Realtors almost four decades ago, the first lesson I learned was the need of full disclosure of any significant defects in the homes I was showing to my prospective buyers. I was told that if I failed to do this, I would be liable for the damages resulting from this lack of full disclosure and that I might forfeit my Realtor’s license.

This lack of full disclosure is patently evident in our evangelistic efforts. Our valiant and highly successful evangelists are doing an impressive job in preparing prospective believers for baptism. They carefully drill those prospects on the Fundamental Doctrines of our Remnant church.

Unfortunately, the prospective future members of the church are never told about some of the ugly skeletons we have cleverly hidden in our church closets. This we must do, otherwise, when those millions of new converts to the Adventist faith discover the truth about our church’s moral condition, their reaction will be one of frustration, discontent, and even potential mass abandonment of the faith they had so joyfully embraced.

The Ugly Skeletons in Our Doctrinal Closet

The undeniable fact that our church is not pro-life, as we have pretended to believe since 1970; the year our leadership embraced abortion as a way of preserving the financial stability of our medical facilities.

The fact that thousands of innocent unborn babies have been killed in our Adventist medical institutions, in a direct violation of the Sixth Commandments of the Decalogue that forbids the shedding of innocent blood.

The fact that the current controversy surrounding the women’s ordination pales in comparison to the awful fact that we have created a clever way of nullifying the Holy Law of God with a document of human creation—our Guidelines on Abortion.

The evident contradiction between our strong condemnation of moral sins like rape, theft, and the sexual abuse of children and our practice of allowing the ultimate form of child abuse—the poisoning and dismemberment of the tiny developing bodies of innocent unborn children inside the medical facilities that were created for the sacred mission of HEALING instead of KILLING.

The sad truth that on this issue we are following humanly created TRADITION instead of the Word of God that forbids the killing of innocent human beings for the sins of their often sexually promiscuous parents.

The ugly fact that we have instituted the false belief that LIFESTYLE is supreme, while the sacredness of human life is pushed under the rug to the detriment of the life of the unborn.

The little known fact that we are honoring the Creator inside our churches, but honoring alongside the greatest serial killer the LLU has ever produced; a man who deprived of life at least 250,000 innocent unborn children. Plaques honoring this man are visibly exposed both in our flagship institution such as LLU and LSU.

The Ugly Truth Exposed by Means of 20 Powerful Videos

The undeniable and well documented truths described above and much more are forcefully addressed by a young Adventist artist named Andrew Michell. These videos are currently being circulated and viewed by a growing number of Adventists.

When a significant number of SDA members of the church have watched them, the resulting moral storm will hit the church with full force; and when the millions of newly baptized members of the church discover that they have been deceived on this issue, the resulting moral outrage will be unavoidable.

Moral deception is a terrible sin. Our church silence on this issue is unreasonable and foolish. We need to confess this terrible sin against our Creator and repent. If we ignore the signs of the approaching storm, we may suffer a terrible loss comparable to what took place in Puerto Rico, Mexico, and the California Wine Country.

Here is the link to those high-impact videos. Make sure you do not overlook the Andrew Michell’s dramatic challenge to Adventist leaders such as Kevin Paulson, Stephen Bohr, Mark Finley, John Bradshaw, and every SDA member of our church.

List of Andrew Michell’s Pro-life Videos


Our Moral Duty

I am convinced that it is our privilege and moral duty to share these videos with as many Adventists as possible. We need to help save our church from this potential terrible loss. Please, do what I just did: Share these videos with others!


  1. Hi Nic
    The brokenness of the SDA leadership will bring the storm . In fact it has begun already, with thoughtful members voting with their feet. Leaving the physical buildings and corrupt seminarians behind, they are going to the wilderness to fellowship with others who refuse to leave the platform of truth.
    Some haven’t left yet, but have redirected their tithes elsewhere rather than give financial support to those doing Satan’s work. I have personally been busy redirecting over fifty thousand in tithes away from the SDA and into the hands of pro-life causes. I’m not through yet, and will continue with this effort until either membership rises up and ejects the apostasy from our SDA (unlikely), or the Lord returns in glory…
    ProLife Andrew speaks the truth. Woe to those who choose willing ignorance rather than hear the truth. Their sin will remain.

    • Most Adventists do not realize that the practice of re-directing our tithes to more worthy ministries was started by Ellen White. Of course, she did this only occasionally, but she was not faced with the heretical teachings contained in our “guidelines on abortion” that justify the killing of innocent unborn babies under a variety of circumstances.

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