Posted by: adventlife | January 14, 2018

Adventist Church Opposes Death Penalty of Convicted Criminals, but Allows it for the Unborn? by Nic Samojluk


According to an article published by the Adventist Review entitled “Church in South America Passes Statement Opposing Death Penalty” [1] the Adventist Church has come out against the execution of criminals and murderers while still allowing the execution of innocent unborn children as evidenced by a document approved by the church known as “guidelines on abortion.” [2]

If the killing of criminals is wrong, how in the world did the church decide that the execution of innocent human beings was morally acceptable back in 1970? And do not forget that said guidelines on abortion are still followed by our Adventist Health System!

Can’t we see that killing the innocent is contrary to the health ministry of our church? How did we manage to include killing among the health program designed to alleviate suffering, pain, and the protection of human life? We allow abortion to protect the lifestyle of the pregnant woman. Is lifestyle more sacred than life? Here are some of the statements contained in this new document of the church:

“The document contextually discusses biblical texts and passages that seem to support the application of the death penalty by governments, to conclude that “Adventists believe that violence and capital punishment have no place within the Church. In other words, it is not the task of the Church to take human life.”

How can we be against “violence” when dealing with criminals but in favor or neutral when violence is manifested against unborn and innocent human beings? Isn’t this evidence that we have a serious contradiction in our teachings regarding the right to life of those who were created in God’s image?

“The application of capital punishment “is often fraught with procedural difficulties,” and “is irreversible,” something that “should make us very cautious.”

Isn’t the capital punishment applied to the unborn “irreversible” as well?

“As the document states, however, the key task is to get to know the biblical view of capital punishment by studying biblical texts on the topic in various contexts. It is also important to understand it from “a robust biblical anthropology,” as over the years, the Adventist Church has issued official statements “against violence, war, and euthanasia, and in favor of tolerance and noncombatancy,” it reads.” 

If we are against violence in the case of war and euthanasia, on what moral or biblical basis can we continue to allow for violence to be manifested in the case of abortion?

“The Church shares the biblical teaching of the immense value of all life and the sanctity of human life especially, which was created in the image of God,” reads the statement. Accordingly, “[it] seeks to preserve and protect human life.””

Are we saying that the life of a convicted murderer is sacred but the life of the unborn is not? Aren’t the unborn created in God’s image as well? Why are convicted criminals entitled to the “protection of human life” but not the unborn who are not guilty of any crime? Here is what the Bible teaches:

“The one who acquits the guilty and the one who condemns the innocent–both of them are an abomination to the LORD.” [Proverbs 17:15]

Based on this biblical passage, we can safely conclude that the position of the Adventist church on this issue is and “abomination to the LORD” because we are protecting the life of the wicked but failing to protect the life of the innocent.




Please, take the time to watch the following powerful video created by Adventist researcher named Andrew Michell:

“Adventist Church Official Position Statement on Death Penalty”


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