Posted by: adventlife | January 17, 2018

PROOF: 15,000 Abortions in Only Two Seventh-day Adventist Hospitals


What follows is a review of some of the salient points presented in the video coupled with the time count for easy location of the specific item presented in it.

Dramatic increase in the number of abortions at the Glendale & the White Memorial hospitals: 558 % spike in one year as evidence that these were elective abortions.
Advance to 058

1986 American Hospital Association reported that 12 our of 56 SDA hospitals were offering abortion services
Advance to 1:52

“The number of elective abortions has increased since 1971.”
Advance to 3:32

Estimated elective abortion between 1970 & 2,000 is 20,0000
Advance to 4:42

The Washington Post report of elective abortions in Adventist hospitals was never denied by the church.
Advance to 5:24

Chaplain George Gainer asked by Ministry Magazine to write a report on abortion. Thr church’s secret abortion file was denied access to him, but later allowed following a Ministry Magazine special request. He copied half of the material in the file, but days later Neal Wilson ordered his access interrupted.
Advance to 5:58

In 1970 our Castle Memorial Hospital started offering abortion for social reasons.
Advance to 8:06

The Washington Adventist Hospital was reported to have performed 1494 abortion between 1975 & 1982.
Advance to 10:37

In 1991-1992 three SDA hospitals near the GC performed 1600 abortions. The total estimated number of abortion in just two of these hospitals is 15,000.
Advance to 11:51

In response to a pro-life complain, President Ron M Wisbey asserted that the Adventist church was not involved in the abortion business which resulted in a raise of his salary.
Advance to 14:15

In 1993, GC Health Ministry director wrote a letter asking a pro-lifer to support the guidelines on abortion, which means that if you want to help children being killed, you need to support the guidelines that authorize their murder.
Advance to 16:53

Following the Washington Post report of abortion in Adventist hospitals, the Adventist for Life web site was ordered by GC lawyers to cease and desist their pro-life activities.
Advance to 19:18

When a Washington Adventist Hospital employee complained about the abortion issue, she was provided with a list of Catholic hospitals where she could apply for employment.
Advance to 20:27

The women’s ordination issue was voted three times already by the church. The abortion issue not even once.
Advance to 24:02

Adventist hospitals have murdered more blacks than the KKK in all their history.
Advance to 26:14


  1. Nic, national abortion statistics are reported nationally in the USA. Hospitals must be reporting their abortion numbers to some government agency and therefore are public information. The SDA hospitals’ statistics must be obtainable through this government agency. I don’t think one would need to get a Freedom of Information Act Warrant to get this information.

    • I was able to get some statistics for several Adventist hospitals in the state of Maryland. Andrew managed to secure statistics from the same source, and he found a way to get some statistics for two SDA hospital in Southern California. If you know how to secure statistics for SDA hospitals elsewhere, you should share this information with us.

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