Posted by: adventlife | April 8, 2018

Can Rape be a Valid Excuse for Abortion



  1. Ryan and Amanda’s dreams wre finally becoming their reality. Ryan’s position as a Senior Software Engineer and the large promotion that came with it had enabled Amanda to quit her nursing job, and for the happy couple to buy their dream home and live the quiet life they had so long worked towards.
    Ryan’s new job allowed him to work out of his home, requiring only that he fly in to corporate headquarters for one week every quarter.
    Their house was located in a secluded area nearly 40 miles from the nearest town. Their closest neighbors lived 12 miles away and 2 miles off the main road.
    Amanda spent her days making crafts, reading, and tending to their large garden. Life was good.
    It was the morning after Ryan had left for one of his quarterly meetings that Amanda watched an unfamilar car drive up their long driveway and park in front of the house. As she approached a young man got out of the car followed by girl carrying a small baby. They looked to be new parents and Amanda suspected they needed help.
    When the man asked to use her phone Amanda was quick to oblige, but when the couple entered the house Amanda’s dream suddenly turned into a nightmare.
    Without warning the man punched Amanda in the face knocking her to the floor. He then proceeded to brutally rape her and beat her unconscious. All the while his female companion was ransaking the house, collecting all of the valuables .
    In what seemed like hours Amanda, beaten, broken, and frightened, finally regained consciousness. As she struggled to clear her thoughts she began to take inventory of her situation. The couple had gone taking with them all of her valuables including her purse, her car, her cell phone, and her money. And then, to her horror, she discovered that the couple had left their still sleeping infant in the bedroom.

    Given the circumstances, and in her physical, mental, and emotional condition, is Amanda under any moral obligation to care for the baby? Does she have any ethical duty to protect it and ensure it’s survival? Would she be justified if she left the baby to fend for itself? Would it be understandable if she killed the baby in order to revenge her ordeal?
    Using the principles found in the SDA abortion “Guidelines” answer the above questions with a yes or no and then explain why you arrived at your answer.

    • Can you share with us how did Amanda solve her predicament.? If this story is real, we need to learn the end of it.

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