Posted by: adventlife | September 26, 2019

More on the “Trojan Horse”

My previous email dealing with the “Trojan Horse” generated comments on both sides of the Adventist Prolife abortion issue. The following comment came from a pastor who is concerned about my soul. Here are some of the comments he made. I did not ask for authorization to reveal his identity.

1. “I agree that abortion is wrong. I am glad that you have woken up the Church on this issue.”

The credit goes to the guidance of the Holy Spirit and the work of the Adventist Prolife movement.

2. “God has a plan for him [the author of the Trojan Horse]. Are you facilitating that plan or are you tearing him down.”

We are not tearing this evangelist down. He publicly demeaned the work of Adventist profilers and we are publicly defending our work on behalf of the unborn. When the Apostle Paul noticed that Peter was acting contrary to the Gospel, he did not pull Peter aside privately to warn him of his untoward conduct. He publicly denounced his misbehavior.

And Recently Mark Finley upon watching a doctrinal error in Pastor Gates video, he publicly responded with a video condemning said doctrinal error. He explained that Matthew 18 did not apply because Gates’ erroneous teaching was made publicly and merited a public condemnation.

You can check this by clicking on the following link. His explanation is listed as the very first words he uttered.

The other comment came from Charles Clevelant. I am revealing his identity with his permission:

“Usually a trustworthy voice on moral issues, Dr Priebe has impaled himself upon a faulty premise.  I quote:

“The disturbing reality is that the same people who stand strongest against abortion and stand for moral values are the same people who want to unite with conservative Catholics to restore a Christian dominionism that will trample on religious freedom for minorities.”

This false dichotomy equates the group taking a spiritually discerned moral position with others working for an ecumenical and political outcome.  Though there may be some overlap, equating the two is reprehensible in this context as it is a grossly unfair slander upon staunchly pro-life Adventists.”

Being silent while millions of innocent human being are subjected to poisoning and dismemberment is not the Biblical way. We need to repent and do what is right! Queen Esther risked her own life when she spoke on behalf of her people.

“Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves, for the rights of all who are destitute. Speak up and judge fairly; defend the rights of the poor and needy.” [Prov. 31:8-9]

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