Posted by: adventlife | November 10, 2019

Adventist Abortion Document Review by Mark Finley (GCAC19)

The Biblical Research Institute studied the abortion topic for two years.

The work went through many committees and then to the GC Executive Committee.

It is a Biblical statement about abortion.

Life is a gift of God based on the creation event.

The Adventist pioneers spoke openly against abortion.

As the hospital work developed there were instances that were not the best, especially between 1970 and 1990.

The time came to reaffirm the sanctity of life.

The Bible is the basis of our faith and practice.

This Statement on Abortion document blends the value of human life with compassion.

Human life begins at conception.

Adventists have been known as a Commandment keeping people.

The Sixth Commandment also applied to the killing of the unborn child.

Dr. Chairman T. said that an act of violence against a woman is not solved with another act of violence.

Psalm 139 strongly suggests that the child’s owner is God, the author of life.

Point number six of the document was understood by many as opening the door for abortion.

In extreme cases conception may produce pregnancies with fatal prospects or birth anomalies causing exceptional dilemmas.

Decisions should be left to the conscience of the individuals involved.

These decisions should be guided by the Holy Spirit.

These statements does not open the door to abortion of choice. There are times when a baby is in a fatal condition

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