Posted by: adventlife | November 10, 2019

Malformation & the Right to Life

You might have watched the comments made at the 2019 General Conference [GC] Annual Council, especially those by Pastor Doug Batchelor, president of the Amazing Facts television program and Dr. Allan Handysides, a former Director of the GC Health Department.

Perhaps you noticed how Dr. Handysides attempted to destroy and ridicule the comments made by Pastor Batchelor who cited the Bible in defense of God’s direct involvement in the creation of human life from the moment of conception.

Dr. Handysides demeaned the Biblical knowledge of theologians like Pastor Batchelor while pondering the superior practical and scientiphic knowledge, training, and experience of physicians like himself.

“What about the malformations,” Handysides asked. The implication was that God could not be involved in the creation of defective fetuses, which means that it is the duty of humans do destroy what God did not create. Humans must decide who should live and who should die. 

In this Dr. Handysides was in perfect agreement with LLUH Gerald Wilson, who wrote the following: Abortion helps insure that the image of God is reproduced in human beings by eliminating the defective fetuses.

Here is evidence that Adventists did adopt the eugenics theory implemented by Hitler when the “Guidelines on Abortion” document was originally drafted. Handysides added that the 1992 guidelines were approved by the same GC authority that now is abandoning said document on abortion.

Handysides argued that said guidelines were the result of the Holy Spirit activity thus implying that it was wrong to abandon what was the result of God’s guidance. For him the new Statement on Abortion was invalid because it contradicted the guidelines on abortion adopted in 1992.

For him the authority of the Bible did not count, the murder prohibition contained in the Decalogue did not count, the Biblical prohibition of killing the son for the sins of the father did not count, and the Bible condemnation of shedding the blood of the innocents did not count. What counted was the superior intelligence and training of fallible and conflicted physicians and ethicists.

I highly recommend you watch the following video prepared by the most outstanding Adventist defender of the right to life of human beings from the moment of conception.

Dr. Handysides attacks Pastor Doug Batchelor’s argument against abortion

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