Posted by: adventlife | November 10, 2019

Refuting Pastor Mark Finley’s defense of abortion for sick children

Mark Finley defends abortion.

Church leaders, including Wilson and Finley, now admit that the Guidelines on Abortion are not biblical.

The leaders in North America openly condemn what Adventist did in Rwanda, but do not likewise condemn the killing of innocent children in our hospitals.

Regarding Point six, Finley predicted that it will not be used as a loophole, yet admitted that women will have the final word regarding abortion.

“There are times,” he said, “when the baby is in a fatal condition.”

Are we free to kill a person because he/she is going to die anyhow?

If the goal is always to save the child, then why killing those in a “fatal condition”?

Finley said hat physicians have the God-given right to determine the fate of the unborn. Finley suggests that physicians and women may decide what to do thanks to a “biblically informed conscience,” thus implying that killing a child may be guided by the Holy Spirit.

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