Murder in Paradise

A New Book Dealing With Abortion & the Adventist Church

A. Why a Book About Abortion?

Perhaps you never heard about the first book I wrote about abortion and the
Adventist Church. Why did I do that? What prompted me to invest hundreds and even thousands of hours to write about abortion? The answer is rather simple. There were already two books in print dealing with the topic authored by Adventist writers, but both of them were written in defense of the pro-choice/pro-abortion point of view. There was a desperate need to present the pro-life side of this issue to Adventist readers. …



Abortion Book by Fisher

Online For Life: A New Organization in the Fight for Life

Brian E. fisher, author of “Abortion: The Ultimate Exploitation of Women,” is offering a free electronic copy of his book.

He claims that his newly created organization has already saved the lives of 1354 unborn babies, and that he has devised a pragmatic way of measuring success in this life saving ministry. …



From Pro-life to Pro-choice, by Nic Samojluk

You might be aware that I recently published a book dealing with abortion and the Adventist church. The title is: “From Pro-life to Pro-choice: The Dramatic Shift in Seventh-day Adventists’ Attitudes Toward Abortion.” It documents the fact that we Adventists led the way for the legalization of abortion in the Unites States of America. And I am not talking about merely what is erroneously labeled as therapeutic abortion but rather elective abortions or also known as abortions on demand.

Most Adventists do not know this and are shocked when they see the historical facts which are buried in our Adventist literature. It took me hundreds of hours wading through the pages of our official Ministry magazine, Adventist Today, Spectrum, and similar Adventist publications, as well as Adventist books in print to gather this relevant material. I made a serious attempt to be very careful about documenting all quoted material, since this was my doctoral dissertation.

To secure a copy of the book, you need to click on the following link:, and then type my name, Nic Samojluk, in the blank search space to acces the book’s page.

“From Pro-life to Pro Choice”

You can also order this book from Amazon. Here is the link:



  1. 5 People Reviewed This Item

    By Teresa

    Jan 19, 2012

    Most Seventh-day Adventists attempt to balance a pro-life moral stance while at the same time being legally pro-choice. They fear legislation against abortion would somehow begin the process of infringing upon their religious rights. Yet, it was not always so. Mr. Samojluk meticulously records how their church so drastically evolved from passionately protective of the unborn life in the SDA pioneer days to today’s liberal policies. This is not a vitriolic anti-SDA exposé, but a ardent faithful church member who is called by God to cry out for the unborn. And for those of us who are not Adventist, we urge you as a denomination to recognize how it appears to Christianity when you claim that you are God’s last-day remnant church who keep the Ten Commandments when in reality you are missing a commandment–the one that commands us not to murder. This book is the lone scream in the silence of Adventism when it comes to one of the most profound evils of our time. All we can say is,… More >

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    By Michael Senseney

    Jan 10, 2012

    In the early 90s, as an Elder in my SDA church, I corresponded with the presidents of the Columbia Union and the General Conference on the issue of abortions being performed in Maryland Adventist hospitals. At first, the Union president attempted to assure me that I was taken in by vicious rumors. I obtained statistics that showed thousands of abortions were being performed bringing in millions of dollars. When the facts were presented to SDA leadership, the correspondence ended with nothing but the silent ignoring of my pleas. Unfortunately this appears to be the standard operating procedure utilized by church leadership toward any and all pro-life Adventists. Nic Samojluk’s book reveals in great detail and irrefutable evidence, this approach by SDA leadership regarding the issue of abortion in Adventist hospitals, and the commitment of that leadership to the elective and selective extermination of pre-natal human life. One has to ask why. A good starting place is to follow the… More >

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    By Juanita Y. Mayyes

    Nov 30, 2011

    This book is a very interesting read for every Adventist church member who cares about the cause of life and the sanctity of human life. The reader may be shocked and saddened by the information shared in its pages. Our Adventist pioneers, including James and Ellen White would feel the same way; for they too, were passionately pro life and supported the efforts in their day to make abortion illegal. I also was shocked and saddened about our Adventist leaders and pastors whose opinion prevailed, resulting in our church’s turning to the pro choice side of the abortion issue. Read how in one hospital, the decision makers decided to allow elective abortion rather than to trust God to bless… More > and prosper them for remaining true to the Ten Commandments. Learn the reasons why our leaders and pastors took the positions they did and came to side with pro choice position rather than pro-life one. One article I have in mind that is included in the book did not even seem to be authored… More >

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    By tammy_roesch

    Nov 21, 2011

    Thank you Nic, for documenting all this information! If anyone wants the facts as to where the SDA Church, as a Denomination, REALLY stands on the subject of Abortion, they should read this book. There will be no true “Revival & Reformation” in the Church, while the SDA Church is on the Pro-Choice side of the aisle. There are ONLY two sides….there is no “FENCE” to sit on, no “middle of the road” to walk on, when it comes to the subject of Abortion. I hope and pray that enough people will read this book and demand that the Church take the side of LIFE and not DEATH. God bless you, Nic!

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    By Martin Weber

    Nov 14, 2011

    Nic has written an important book for Seventh-day Adventists on what may be the greatest moral issue of our time. What I’ve read of it is very impressive. I wish Adventists everywhere had the integrity that Orlando-based Adventist Health System has when it comes to unborn human life (hospitals in the Southeast U.S. and Mid-America). Concern to protect unborn human life should be at the top of our list in the current quest for revival and reformation.

  2. I have known for decades that there was abortion in our hospitals because of the words from those that had worked at them, but I had never looked into it much personally… probably because I didn’t want to know. After looking into it a bit, I am shocked and disgusted at the rational, justification, and excuses made to excuse this sin. It is much worse than the sin that Saul was rejected for, or the sin of David that resulted in the deaths of 4 of his sons. Here is a bit of dialogue I just had with a friend….

    My friend…. “From my understanding our church has allowed abortion in extreme situations, because they have a concern for the women involved they know they will go to a backyard butcher nothing will stop a woman from having an abortion…so by not banning it outright, it gives the opportunity to counsel and try to prevent the woman from doing it….not saying I agree with that stance, but that’s just what I’ve understood in this whole issue in other countries women and babies are dying because of underground abortion it’s all very secretive”

    My response…
    “It is being done freely in our hospitals and clinics as birth control! 1000’s of them. It should not even be considered regardless circumstances. Let them go to facilities that don’t have a problem assassinating the most innocent!

    The reasoning you give above is the exact same as saying, “We should commit murder because some will commit murder no matter what we do, but because of our disapproval of murder, even if we actually participate in it, some might change their mind and not commit murder.”!!

    Or the same as saying, “We should keep Sunday holy too, because no matter what we do or say some will keep it, but by our keeping Sunday holy, even though we sort of believe we should keep the 7th day holy, some might change their minds and keep the true Sabbath.”!!! It’s foolish, dangerous, a lie, evil, deceptive, etc.!

    I’m gutted! I love my church! We need a miracle of gigantic proportions. These evil institutions need to be cast off…

    • Peter,

      I had to read your original response two times. It is so good! Thanks for posting it here!


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