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Welcome to the new location of both SDA Forum and Let’s Focus on Life. We have also a new domain  name Advent Life, and a new address:


I invite you to explore our new web site. The list of categories is shown above, and the list of recent posts are on the right side bar. Some of the material from the SDA Forum and Let’s Focus on Life has been transferred to our new web site, while others are held in storage.  We can transfer others upon special request.

We hope you like our new look and content!



  1. Zawadzki…

    Hello Thanks heaps for this indeed!… if anyone else has anything it would be much appreciated. Great website Just wanted to say thanks and keep doing what youre doing Webmaster.M106.COM Enjoy……

    • Hi,

      Thanks for your generous comments. Are you by any chance related to Basilio Zawadzki? If you are, tell him that the emails we have been sending to him have been coming back undelivered. Has he changed his email address perhaps?

  2. Greetings fellow commandment keepers (by the grace of God!),
    I have a suggestion; please take note Brother Nic and/or webmaster. How about starting a petition to obtain signatures from like-minded SDA’s who want abortion eliminated from our church and hospitals?
    Perhaps it could be submitted for consideration at an upcoming Annual Council and be voted on by the world church in 2015?
    With men, this may seem impossible; but with God… (you know the rest)!
    Bob Hart, SDA since 1995 (deeply troubled by the church policy since I found out about it; nevertheless, follow Jesus in all things and you can’t go wrong!)

    • Bob,

      That is an excellent suggestion. Actually, there are two petitions with that objective. One of them is mine, with merely 31 signatures after several months on the Internet. Most Adventists have an incredible apathy towards the project. Here is the link for the petition I started:


      I would like to see someone else start a new petition or else pushing mine towards a more successful outcome.

      Nic Samojluk

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