Posted by: adventlife | January 30, 2014

A Whistleblower Banned from Attendance at Glendale City SDA Church

Glendale City SDA Church

If you are aware of what happened at the Hollywood Adventist Church recently, you will not be surprised that another Adventist congregation is in the news for the same reason: the alleged violation of the Adventist position regarding homosexuality. Here are some excerpts from what Dr. Elizabeth Iskander wrote about this issue which is being presently debated in the Advindicate web site created by Shane Hilde. You may recall that Hilde actively participated in the controversy about the teaching of evolution as factual explanation for origin at La Siera University a few years ago.


Glendale City Church bans me from church property
January 26, 2014 Elizabeth Iskander

Last month I received a certified letter from the Glendale City Church stating that the Church Board had voted to disallow me from the premises. The letter states that if I come onto the church campus, I will be “regarded as a trespasser and the church will take appropriate actions, up to and including requesting law enforcement assistance.”

The letter states that the GCC board took this action due to my “history of disrupting the congregational life of the church.” The wording is intended to imply that I have disrupted worship services or other church meetings, but I have done no such thing.What I have done is to report, over the course of several decades, what I have seen and heard at GCC, and I don’t think they’ve appreciated the exposure. …

First, one must understand what is the Los Angeles Adventist Forum. In 1967, a group of Adventist professors and graduate students founded the “Association of Adventist Forums,” and a couple of years later, AAF began publishing the journal Spectrum (In 2007, AAF shortened its name to Adventist Forums, or AF.) AF sponsors not only the print journal, Spectrum, but also a website of the same name, which has become a hub of “progressive” Adventist opinion. In recent years, AF and Spectrum have been advocating three main policy goals for the Seventh-day Adventist Church: (1) acceptance of Darwinism/theistic evolution, (2) acceptance and normalization of homosexuality, and (3) female ordination and leadership. …

A second necessary background fact is that Glendale City Church has long been known as a homosexual-friendly church. Pastor Rudy Torres made GCC a gay-friendly church back in the 1980s (decades before Ryan Bell followed the same course at the Hollywood SDA Church). City Church was famous for having a section of pews—typically two or three rows—informally set aside for the use of the gay community. …

Henson was so beloved by the gay community that the book, “Christianity and Homosexuality: Some Adventist Perspectives” was dedicated to him. The book was edited by Dave Ferguson, a prominent gay GCC member, Loma Linda professor David Larson, and La Sierra University theologian and past president Fritz Guy, and features an article by La Sierra theologian John Jones arguing that the biblical proscription on homosexual sex applies only to unequal, exploitative sex. …


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