Posted by: adventlife | July 4, 2012

Catastrophic Plate Tectonics Explained by Dr. John Baumgardner

Former Geophysicist, Los Alamos National Laboratory, presents multiple scientific lines of evidence pointing to a catastrophic plate tectonics theory of origins. Instead of engaging in the Pangaea versus plate tectonics controversy, he combines both theories into one based on catastrophism.

He uses the facts connected with a young ocean floor, the ring of fire, the continental drift, the ice age, the polarity reversal, and the reversal of the earth’s magnetic field, as evidence favoring the biblical story of the flood. I asked him how did Noah manage to survive the huge tsunamis generated by such an incredibly powerful catastrophic events, and he cited the following biblical passage: “And God remembered Noah.”

Bob Helm sent the link to this video to me with the following comments: “Have you ever looked closely at Gen 2:10-14, which describes the four rivers ofEden? No river system anything like that exists in the modern world. Furthermore, no modern Pishon and Gihon even exist. And look at Gen 2:13. The source of the Gihon was in Ethiopia (KJV) or Cush (NIV) – in other words, northeastAfrica.

But yet the Gihon connected up with the other rivers in the Garden of Eden, which was apparently in the region of Iraq- in southwestAsia. In other words, we have a river flowing from Africa intoAsia! This would only be possible if the Red Sea did not exist and Africa and Asia were one land mass. This suggests that only one super-continent existed in the antediluvian world. Yes, I am aware of the expanding earth hypothesis, but I honestly think Pangaea and catastrophic plate tectonics fit both the biblical and geological evidence better.” 

Nic Samojluk

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